Denture Implants

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Learn More About Denture Implants

If you’re looking for more denture stability, it’s hard to beat dentures on implants in Fort McMurray. Unlike dentures that rely on suction or adhesives to stay in place, implants are surgically placed into your jawbone and act just like your natural teeth. That means they’re much more stable and can give you the confidence to eat, speak, and laugh without worry.

How Do Denture Implants Work?

Denture implants are small titanium posts that are placed into your jawbone. Once they’re in place, they fuse to your bone and act like the roots of your natural teeth. Then, your dentures are attached to the implants, providing a much more secure fit. Over time, the implants actually help to stimulate your jawbone, which can prevent bone loss and help keep your dentures fitting well for years to come.

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Am I a Candidate for Denture Implants?

To be a candidate for denture implants, you must have enough bone in your jaw to support the implants. For some patients, bone grafts are necessary to provide a solid foundation for the implants. You also must be in good overall health and have healthy gums. If you have any infections or diseases, they will need to be treated before you can move forward with getting implants.

What to Expect

  • Your consultation will be the first step in getting denture implants. During this visit, we’ll take a look at your mouth and teeth to make sure that implants are the right option for you. We’ll also develop a treatment plan with your dentist and discuss what to expect during the implant placement process.
  • Denture implants are typically placed in two steps. First, the titanium posts are placed into your jawbone. Then, you’ll need to wait for them to fuse to your bone, which can take several months.
  • Once they’re fused in place, we’ll attach your dentures to the posts. The entire process can take several months from start to finish, but it’s worth it for the added stability and confidence that denture implants can provide.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are denture implants expensive?

The cost of denture implants varies depending on the number of implants you need and the complexity of your case. However, many insurance plans cover at least part of the cost of implants. We’ll work with you to find a payment option that fits your budget.

Do denture implants hurt?

The implant placement procedure is typically done under local anesthesia, so you shouldn’t feel any pain during the surgery. You may have some soreness and swelling after the procedure, but this can be controlled with pain medication.